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Discussion on: Building a super cheap transcoder using AWS Lambda

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Sydney Schreckengost Author • Edited

That's handled by the script that actually calls ffmpeg. So, in this case, all I'm really after is to change codecs/container formats, so I just have the script/program that calls it do the output options. It never changes, so I can hard code most of the options, but you can also set it dynamically depending on your needs.

You'll need to download the file to /tmp, and also transcode it to their. This introduces the big issue with this setup - large files will fail, plainly.

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Coding our function:

Can you give the code too? We are struggling on this

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Sydney Schreckengost Author

I can't yet, but I can give you the basics of it (the details are dependent on language, but the general gist):
1) Receive the lambda message and use the details to download the input file
2) Run ffmpeg with the options you need
3) Upload the file to S3