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Course review: Master Laravel with Vue.Js

syedumairali2000 profile image Syed Umair Ali ・2 min read

Hello Community,

Recently I bought a course from Udemy which teaches Laravel with Vue.js and here is my review of the course.

1.Instructor: Piotr Jura
2.Available on Udemy
3.Rating on Udemy: 4.5/5 (693)


I felt the course is incomplete because it said to be a masterclass of Vue+laravel so I was expecting a few sections on the basics of Laravel and Vue, I already know Laravel but a complete novice when it comes to Vue so I expected a basic intro to Vue but instead the instructor just showed what we needed to start and then just started to make the project, the main project that he builds throughout the course is called LaravelBnb which is a stripped-down version of Airbnb. He doesn't even teach image uploading and how to show it in a Vue frontend, but as I said the course feels like it's in the beta phase.

There is a section of Vue named Diving into Vue.js but it's not much to it he explains V-bind and V-for in a super-complicated way, I just felt like the instructor complicates simple things that may also be done more simply.

Final Verdict:

I think Piotr Jura's Master Laravel with Vue.js Fullstack Development course on Udemy is not suitable for beginners or people new to Laravel and Vue. Because he is over-complicating things and does not clearly teach many concepts just tries to complete his project.

This is just my opinion and if you buy a course from Udemy they also offer a money-back guarantee for 30-days after your purchase
so this is completely up to you if you want to buy it or not.


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