37 App Ideas for Bootcamp Students & Code Newbies

Sylwia Vargas on December 01, 2019

I was recently told that every time we make a to-do list app or a weather app, a koala dies somewhere. Let's stop this together! Below are some app... [Read Full]
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This is by far the coolest list of app ideas I think I have ever seen.

Mad props!


Wow! Thank you! Your comment motivates me to:
a) write more!
b) MAKE these apps :D


It's ambitious but I think I may do something modeled after #22 with traffic infrastructure in general...I used to work for traffic engineering firms and if enough people were willing to share data of how long they are stuck at lights it could produce enough data to create an empirical basis for forcing the Dept of Transportation or city Civil Works to do a traffic study at an intersection to recalculate timings. The super ambitious route would be throwing it into a ML model and finding the most optimal traffic signal timings!

I love it!! That’s a very important issue considering how much time is spent in cars. Awesome! If you do it, share it! I’ll be super curious to see it.


I love how many of these are targeted at helping marginalized groups and communities. There are a few bathroom finder apps but I've been thinking about putting my own spin on it because I know finding gender neutral bathrooms is always a challenge for me.


Exactly! I am always trying to integrate as much information about socially-conscious tech as possible. If you end up creating such an app, I'd be really happy to see it!


Great post. I also went to a bootcamp and tried to come up with different ideas for project with friends. Great 👍 list!


Thank you! How kind. Now that I work at a bootcamp, I decided to create resources that help students and code newbies not worry about fluff stuff like this :)


I mean it. #28 is great 😉. Great resource. I wish i knew about this website when I want at the Bootcamp.


I am actually working on #28 as my final year project🙄


Oh, that's amazing! If you remember to share it once you're done, I'd love to encourage my students to use it! ❤️


Awesome ideas!
This would surely inspire the developers, especially the newbies to innovate and create stuffs!
Great work👍



I wanted to do something to learn some front-end and back-end dev (I'm mainly an embedded developer) and this is the best idea list I've ever seen.

Thank you!


How wonderful! I’m so curious what you’ll create. If you end up making something, please share — I’d love to add links and examples to the blogpost to help people get connected and inspired!


They are good ideas. Love to try to to create while learning. Thanks


That's awesome! If you create any, share them! I'd love to include examples in this post!


37: I made an Android app that did that many years ago (but it's not on Google Play anymore). I named it "RainMama" 😄


Oh, that’s really great! Do you have any screen recordings or readme? I’d love to give it as an example in the post ad/or to my students!


I found some screenshots - bear in mind this is from 2012 :)






It was a simple Android app that accessed the user's approximate location (no need for fine GPS location) and got weather data from some weather API (can't remember which one, maybe OpenWeatherMap?).

You could open the app and it would suggest what to wear based on the current weather. Or you could receive a notification when the weather would change, saying smth like "Don't forget to take your umbrella with you" :)

Hope this helps :)

That's awesome (and also very early 2010s :D )! I'll add a shoutout to you in the next edit!


Thank you for your kindness! Have a wonderful day!


An app that sorts the restaurant's menu by least calories and shows those first ;-)


Yes! Or by the amount and quality of oil / salt / sugar used :)

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