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Best hosting provider for open source and FOSS projects

Recently I discovered fosshost

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"A not-for-profit provider of cloud-based hosting services to the free and open source software community. " looking fo a host for a project of mine and I got to say it's the best free host I have ever seen "semi-dedicated virtual instances, storage and web hosting services to projects for development, testing and production use." When I saw this I thought yea right whatever but it turns out there true and legit I had to give them a shout out the guy who runs fosshost is also a great dude the entire team has been nothing but helpful if anyone out there has an foss or open source project and can't pay for a host fosshost is an fantastic option and there flexible with vm's you have the option to bring your own os
And it only targets open source and FOSS projects which is what make it great as its not at all for big Business

I know there are people out there who will try to abuse this service and to those sub-humans no one likes you these people are running this at there expense with there hard work go abuse your own stuff

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