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What is the best serverless platform?

Suraj Shrestha
Always Exploring
・1 min read

I have used Azure extensively and the summary is it sucks.
UI is terribly complex, quite unresponsive.
CLI is not easy to use either.
And cold starts are terrible, reaching 30 seconds for a simple nodejs app.
Why do I have to deal with storage accounts, resource groups, application insights?

I have used Netlify functions too and it has it's own issues too.
I have listed the differences in this medium article.

What are your thoughts?
Which one is the best one comparatively in your experience?

Discussion (3)

hoangleitvn profile image
Hoang Le

Don't think that Azure takes 30 secs for the cold start, something wrong with your setup?

We are working with AWS for many years and few that this is the best one compare to others. Check out this post of you wanted to know more details about cold start on AWS for different languages, memory and code size

mrgkanev profile image
Gabriel Kanev

It really depends on what your want it for. I'm not sure how you use azure but 30 secs is strange for me... Are you sure you are made it correctly?

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Suraj Shrestha Author

well, i am talking abt a simple nodejs api that makes a db call, which takes less than a second when hosted in regular server. yeah, 30 seconds is strange. I have read people saying few seconds, but so that, that hasn't been my experience

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