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Discussion on: How to Contribute to Open Source Project

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Gabor Szabo

Nice, I think it would be useful to expand each point into more details.
e.g How do I choose a project? How do I fork a project?

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Smruti Ranjan Sahoo Author

Hey @Gabor, thank you for your great suggestion. Yes, I will consider your points in my next article.

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Quentin Ménoret

Another good read with suggestions about this:

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Daniel Hintz • Edited

I wrote a post for Hacktoberfest this year with that purpose in mind, meant for complete beginners. It contains a few ways to go about searching in Github and goes over the technical workflow. Check it out here, hope it helps.

@qmenoret - great point in the post you linked about making sure the issue is not already being worked and identifying yourself in the comments - I missed that bit in my post.