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CTT is challenging you: mailing a letter will never be the same!

Every time you go to the post office to send a letter or a package, your envelope or box receives a code that contains all the information about it — the equipment, the priority, and others. Can you imagine managing all that data on the millions of packages and letters that are sent every day? Plus using that data to meet the expectations of consumers and companies that are waiting to receive their mail on a specific date? Doesn’t seem like an easy task for the post office services, so any help you can give to take them to the next level will be very well received.

This is what brings us here today. Imagine there was an app able to read these codes and give the logistics workforce all the information they may need, anytime, anywhere, and without complex systems. That’s right. Postal workers could simply download a mobile app and check the information about the mail using their phones. Wouldn’t that make a difference in their daily lives? No more need to access a computer, with an old-fashioned system to check information about a package. It seems that it could be very useful for the optimization of their distribution processes, don’t you agree?

Now that you know what is at stake, here’s your mission: to create that app. But don’t be scared, we will give you access to all the information you may need and you canbring your mates, or come alone and meet new tech enthusiasts, and form a team of up to fivemembers. And of course, we will be available to clear any question you might have.

d|Code Challenge

Did we get your attention? Then let’s see how you should proceed to be part of this challenge led by CTT — the Portuguese company which operates as both the national postal service of Portugal and a commercial group with subsidiaries operating in banking, e-commerce, and other postal services.

How to apply?

  1. Visit the challenge page and register your participation by clicking on the button “Be an Innovator”;
  2. After you confirm your interest, on the challenge page you will have a button to “Create a project” Click in there and then add your name, description and who will join you on this adventure;
  3. Then you can add a lot more content and improve your profile to showcase how good your project is;
  4. Don’t forget to click on “Publish” once you are done to have your project be visible to the jury and organization, and you can edit endlessly until the submission deadline.

But hurry up! You only have until July 31st to register for the challenge and apply for the opportunity to win 8.000€ and you see your solution being used by the national postal service. How exciting is that?

Check the rules and timeline of the competition here.


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