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Discussion on: Show your Website Idea to a Friend with Google Drive Host

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Talha Mansoor

But why would you do it? In the age of free Github pages, Gitlab pages, and most importantly, Netlify with their generous free tier, why would some use Google Drive to host the site?

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⚛️🦊 Atomic Fox ⚛️ Author

Hi Talha! Yes you are right. The idea was more to newbies or for someone that just have an idea and don´t want to create a code repository for that, sometimes it's handy. Of course is not a good option to show more important or complex projects. :)
Didn´t know about Netlify, going to check that! Thank you

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Chandu J S

Its fun 😃

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Jacob Samuel G.

Lol 😂👌🏼