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My technical interview experience in paytm for DevOps role.

Resume based interview. Must have read your resume thoroughly before sitting in interview.

1.) Can we use git without github?
2.) Difference between gitpull and git fetch?
3.) Command used for revert in git?
3.) Theoretical question from Computer Network and Operating
4.) OOPS question.(C++/Java)
5.) Two coding question on strings.(easy/Medium level):
a) check the given string is right IP Address or not?
b) if a string is given "aabbcc" you have to print "abc"?
6.) ACID properties in DBMS?
7.) Define consistent?
8.) Deep understanding of devops.(Important)
9.) SQL commands.(DDL,DCL,TCL,DML)
10.) About your projects mentioned in resume.

Must be experience in devops and good knowledge of Computer fundamentals.
**I was not able to answer the 1 question properly how would you
give the answer please comment below.

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