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Tanwi Kumari
Tanwi Kumari

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Facing Github Phishing problem.

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How to solve this phishing problem in our github profile page?
If any one have any idea please help me out.I have worked lot on this profile.Looking forward for getting great suggestion.

Thank you!
keep coding.

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There is some kind of issue in your website e.g: meta words, security issue wich may harm vistors and many more. Register or login:

then verify your website and it should provide all the required information. It might take some time until your site gets fully re-checked after verification.

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Vincent A. Cicirello • Edited on

I looked at the source of your page. Google's detection is possibly related to the version of jquery and/or bootstrap you are using. You are using jquery 3.2.1 which has multiple known vulnerabilities as well as bootstrap 4.0.0 which also has known vulnerabilities. See these links: and Try updating jquery and bootstrap versions before requesting Google to check your site again. This may or may not be what Google detected, but I don't see anything else obviously problematic.

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Someone reported your website to Google. See