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Phase 1 is in the book...

So I managed to get everything done for phase 1 (I think). I'm sure it's not exactly what the instructors want but I turned everything in. I hate that I always feel so sick to my stomach afterwards. I also don't understand why I feel this way.

The farther I get into this bootcamp the more I realize that this porbably isn't the right way for me to learn to be a software engineer. It's being thrown at me too fast and I don't feel like I'm learning anything. I'm thankful that Amazon is paying for the bootcamp and I'm really trying but considering that over 140 of us started this bootcamp and as of tonight there are 93 of us left at week 12 it's no wonder that my nerves are acting up.

At this point I'm loking at other online bootcamps where I can work at my own pace or in reality a slightly slower pace than I'm running at right now. Does anyone have any thoughts on a good bootcamp? I'm looking at Udemy and Scrimba. A lot of people in the current bootcamp are singing the praises of Scrimba. I do have to say that the one code along that I did with Scrimba was fun and enlightening. Whatever I decide to do I will be paying out of pocket as Flatiron used up all of the money that Amazon will pay for one year..... I really think that the bootcamp should have to give back the remaining money of the months that you can't completel.

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