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Why Software Development?

So this question keeps coming up...Why software development? That’s a really good question and one I don’t have a ready answer for but maybe I can give some reasons as to why I want to work in software development. One thing I’ve been told that I’m not smart enough. I’m not dumb. I may be pretty but I’m not dumb. You think I’m not smart enough? Okay…Challenge accepted. Am I up to that challenge? That’s what I’m at Flatiron School to find out and to prove that I can.

A little about my background. My first computer was a TI-99. That was my first experience in programming. Type a few lines in and something happens on the screen. I was fascinated by that. The next computer I had was a Commadore 64 and a little more programming learned. I was getting hooked at a young age but then life happened and new experiences took over. School became my main focus. Keep in mind that this was the early 80s and no one knew that computers were going to become such a huge thing.

My first reason for pursuing a job as a software developer is that I’m 50 years old and I work for Amazon. It’s hard physical work and there’s not a lot of room for development, growth or recognition. I don’t mind working hard but it’s not something I want to do until I get to retire. In my previous positions I’ve been mentally challenged and stimulated and encouraged to use my brain and computers. That just doesn’t happen at Amazon without a higher education. To be honest, I miss the mental challenges that my other positions came with.

My second reason is that I want the flexibility to work either on my own or with a team. I like the aspect of being able to work anywhere. My parents are growing older and I need to be able to work from home occasionally so that I can help them. They’ve been there for me a lot and now it’s my turn to be there for them. I know that it might not happen, working from home, but it’s still very appealing.

Reason three is that the money and hours are better. Having financial stability is incredibly appealing. I’d like to own a home again some day and will need to be able to do better than live paycheck to paycheck. Not only is there financial stability but there seems to be a lot of job stability since the field of software design just keeps growing. If COVID taught me one thing it’s to be grateful to work in an industry that didn’t get shutdown. That said there is a drawback to being considered “essential” at Amazon. That drawback is that you work a lot of long, hard hours with little time off. Having a predictable schedule is appealing as well.

I’ve worked in a lot of different fields and have had the joy of breaking programs. Now I want the challenge of creating and fixing them. I guess for me the main reasons for becoming a Software Developer boil down to the mental challenge, money, and job stability. So now I know why I want to be a Software Developer. That just leaves the question of, “Am I up for the challenge?” I know so.

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