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How many of you doubts the way you work is right or wrong?

How many of you get this feeling? Am I coding the right way, Am I designing the architecture the right way? I get this feeling a lot. And when you are a sole developer or someone handling the architecture. The feeling rises even more.

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Chad Smith

I used to worry about this a lot and I sometimes still do. But one thing that honestly has helped me: just finish the project. I used to focus too much on if something was done right or the best way instead of actually focusing on finishing it.

You'll always find better ways to do something. Just finish what you are doing first then see if you could do it better. I noticed the more I did this I immediately saw things I could do better.

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Juan Rodríguez • Edited

I think an essential part of learning is discussing with other people, in fact my own experience has been based on working with 1-2 team members and I've made a lot errors and wrong decisions. I think that learning curve could have been reduced with a mentor or in general talking about different possible approaches, but in most cases this business is only looking earnings so eventually you will take decisions only base on your thoughts or the easier/quickly way to solve something.

So that said I'd said is really important get involved with more people, specially when you're looking for a good experience in your development process, and actually in my case that curve can be a bit frustrating when you're the FE/BE dev, devOps, designer, etc...However you'll get an excellent developer capable to solve a bunch of different problems in different areas (although that will take a lot of time and mistakes)

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Yes, Filling yourself with right people with right mindset can be the best options to filter out our problem because someone might have don't that mistake before and can easily point us if we do it. But, not as easy to get to such zone for all.