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Begginnig Common Lisp for web scraping

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hey nerds, do you like web? interest lisp?
i dont care
okay i do

Step1: install sbcl
$ brew update
$ brew install sbcl
(now, clisp is stopped update)

Step2: install quick lisp
$ curl -O
$ sbcl --load quicklisp.lisp

-----↓↓↓starting sbcl console↓↓↓-----


Step3: install libraries to sbcl by quicklisp
(ql:quickload :drakma)
(ql:quickload :plump)
(ql:quickload :clss)

Step4: drink a coffee

Step5: write codes and eval
(defvar html (drakma:http-request ""))
(defvar parse-html (plump:parse html))
(plump:text (car (coerce (clss:select "title" parse-html) 'list)))

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