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Tips for learning a new programming language

(this post is wrote for myself, and text is just translate by deepL Japanese to English)

Understand the words: functions in JS, properties in CSS, etc.
→Read references in dictionary format as many times as possible.
Understand the text: block of code in JS, chunk of function in CSS.
→Read the code in the textbook and write it without reading it repeatedly.
For JS and CSS, it's a block of code per function; for CSS, it's a design idiom.
→Increase the list of things you can do. Increase the list of things you can do. Once you can do them, combine them with JS and actually incorporate and use them.
Create an environment that can be easily executed.
→In CSS, prepare HTML and the data (text, images, SVG) to be inserted into it in advance to complete the setup stage.

Make a list of what you can't do and what you can do.
→If you make a list of what you can't do, and move it to a list of what you can do, you will at least be able to create something with the list of what you can do.
Increase the number of solutions when you get stuck.
→For JS, use chrome's debugger; for CSS, use background-color to indicate the range of elements, etc.
Create a task in your mind "I want to make something like this" and build it in your mind. Read the document if you don't understand the part in advance.
→Read the documentation for the parts you don't understand.
Make it small and simple.
→If you want to understand 100 different APIs, create 100 of them.
Even when you don't feel like it, work on it.
→When you are not motivated to do something, you can do it even if the quality is low, even if it is very short, even if it is just copy-paste. Write to keep the habit of moving your hands.
Prepare a method for when you are not motivated.
→If you are using JS, type document.querySelectorAll("any") in console on a page opened in chrome and process it appropriately; if you are using CSS, use animation to move something around.

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