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Taylor Barnett
Taylor Barnett

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Nevertheless, Taylor Barnett Coded

I began coding because...

I wanted to be able to create things that exist on the Internet. It all started with Microsoft Frontpage... As a kid, it was super cool to me even though I had no idea how to really use it.

I want to make people laugh, help inform people, help people discover things, build communities for people to be themselves in, and so much more. Coding does all of that.

Have there been stumbles? Yes. Have I changed my coding career path a couple of times? Yes. And I'm a much stronger coder because of it.

I'm currently hacking on...

A personal blog with Django, an SMS based application to get your state and national reps' contact information on your phone, and seeing what else is possible with open APIs on government data.

I'm excited about...

A more inclusive future in tech.

Never before in my life have I known so many badass programmers who happen to identify as women. They are who I am excited about. I'm still in the beginning stages of my career and many of them are too, but one day we will fill whole companies with our talents.

My advice for other women who code is...

Don't let imposter syndrome get you down. The real imposters don't have imposter syndrome. Also, reframing is a great technique to battle your imposter syndrome. Look at the data around why you feel an imposter about something and reframe it with the data, like that you haven't had enough experience or have only been coding in a specific language for a short period of time.

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