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WebAssembly. I truly believe there will come a day when every single piece of software ever written can be compiled into WebAssembly and and will run on any computer ever. And I can't wait.


That is really exciting. What are your (or anybody else's) high level thoughts about what the intermediary steps will look like? Is it just going to be a matter of swapping out some compilation targets and a few polyfills along the way or are there going to be other possible hiccups?


Right now, you can install Emscripten incoming and compile most portable C/C++ programs with CC='emcc -s WASM=1'. Eventually, Emscripten will be migrated from using an asm.js to wasm translator to using LLVM's WebAssembly backend. I don't know what's going to happen after that...


This, so much. It goes beyond just having a better compilation target. LLVM is working on a WebAssembly back-end, which besides immediately making a huge number of languages available to the browser, also brings along tons of optimizations.


Agreed. Im just hoping that it picks up quickly. Particularly I. That there will be multiple language/compiler choices

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