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Second to None

Here we are, the release week of 3.0-Alpha. I did not get any PR's in this week, but I did help review some and did some research for others.

Gitpod bug

I made some progress on the draft PR I submitted last week for fixing Gitpod in the repository. I had incorporated the review suggestion, then pushed it to the PR and tried launching Gitpod again. It went through almost the entire process without a hiccup, but still exited with code 1 :(

It was the same issue that was rearing it's head before where it cannot connect to our Elasticserach instance. Originally the professor suggested adding a restart: unless-stopped line to the parser service that is trying to establish a connection. After adding that though the professor has a new idea as to why it's not working.


After looking into the issue I noticed that there was a couple of PR's related to it, so I decided to review them.

Review 1

This PR by Tuee was a doozy, 105 files changed! Files Changed

Most of the files changed where straight up deletions, so there was not too much stuff to review. I looked through all the files and all appeared to be good on the surface level. I also spun it up locally and all seemed to be working. I left an approval of a review but noted that I am not fully aware of the greater implications of removing all of this code. I was the first review on the PR, but since then there have been a few others chime in and point out some issues that needed to be addressed. Good thing this is a team effort.

Review 2

I also did another review of A PR that Amasia had submitted. The PR added the ability to search by Title in Telescope's advanced search. It was a relatively straightforward PR to review. Spin the thing up and make sure the search results are relevant.



During our triage meeting on Tuesday, I had stepped up to take an issue off of Jerry's plate because he had a lot on it for 3.0-Alpha. I offered to take up this issue that wanted to use octokit/octokit instead of octokit/request.

I have spent a few hours looking into how I might go about this. Jerry suggested it would be relatively straightforward, but I am having trouble grasping what exactly needs to be done. Octokit shows up in a lot of different places in our repo Octo

I need to have a meeting with Jerry to see if I am replacing all of the octokit packages with octokit/octokit or strictly just replacing the use of octokit/request for now.

That was the week that was for me this week. The final countdown is on now. 3.0 here we come!

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