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I've been using a Dell Gaming 15 with a RAM and SSD upgrade I did myself.

So it has 32gb RAM, 1TB m2 drive 7th gen i7 and Nividia 1050ti GPU.

Work horse
Fast boot
reasonable battery 5-7 hours of development.

it's a bit thick
Panel is a little dimmer then others.
Fans are loud


I am leaning towards this idea because I will definitely get the performance that I am looking for. The thickness especially around the panel and the panel quality is the one thing keeping me from going in this direction. I prefer higher resolutions as well. Can't beat the specs though! Must be a dream working on it.


Yeah, I’m in this space too. I am an Apple guy, but increasingly in the non-Mac space. At Christmas I got a low-end HP identical to the machines my two nieces got at the same time (since I’m tech support uncle). Increasingly frustrated with performance even though I upped RAM and SSD. I’m thinking a Surface Book end of the year, but I’d love them to have USB-C support by then.


I have had horrible experience with HP laptops. Their build quality seems really cheap. My mother purchased one and when I went to set it up the fans sounded like a jet engine starting. The display resolution was awful as well. Returned and replaced it with a dell Inspiron that has performed a lot better. I think I will most likely go with Dell but the investment will be closer to $2000 for the specs I'm wanting. Hoping that I can get some real developer reviews on some machines to know which direction to go in.

I've heard great things about surfacbooks.

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