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Underrated Articles on Dev.to Last Week

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Hey there! You were waiting for this week's list of underrated DEV articles, weren't you? Well, the wait is over now. Here is this week's list, let's go!

1. Tips for New Developers

Ram shares three important tips for beginners. He advises learning consistently by staying curious and learning the technologies you are passionate about. Soft skills should also be developed.

2. Building a CLI App

In this article, Tapas writes a step by step guide to developing an awesome Command Line Interface(CLI) app using Node.js infrastructure. App built in this post is about Predicting Your Future.

3. React-Rails Stack Tips

Isa Levine shares tips for students who are using the React Rails stack. she writes a few important points that should be known before using "React-ActionCable-Provider" package.

4. Things to Know Earlier

Briwa shares useful tips that he wished he knew earlier. He suggests in this article to stay healthy, regularly contribute to open source projects, and participate in events like meetups.

5. Making Source Code Shine

In this article, Stefan addresses three essential tips to make the source code easily readable. He advises using meaningful variable and function names and proper indentation.

6. Role of UX in Cybersecurity

Natasha writes about the importance of UX in cybersecurity. According to her, security tools and software should be hassle-free, fairly nonrestrictive, and integrate smoothly with a user’s regular interface and workflow.

That's all for now. These were my personal favorite underrated posts from last week. I hope you liked this post. Tell me about your favorite posts that went underrated in the comments below! ❤️

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