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Underrated Articles on Last week

Hello friends! I'm back with another installment of underrated posts of last week! Let's check them out and see what the community has been up to. Here are my favorite underrated posts from last week.

1. Opportunities to Do Networking

Networking is important to anyone who wants to grow professionally as well as personally. In this article, Marcell Lipp describes the importance of and opportunities to do networking. The community is critically important to the software developer. Writing blogs, contributing to open source projects, joining meetups are some of the things suggested in this article.

2. Steps to Take After You Finish Programming Courses

The key to learning a language once you’ve got the basics down is to think of any product you want to make and start making it. In this article, writes about things we should do after we finish programming courses.

3. Importance of User Testing

User testing gives deep psychological and behavioral insights from users that will improve user interfaces and products. A brief introduction and importance of user testing is written in this article by Hibs.

4. Python Frameworks for test automation

There are several test automation frameworks available in the market which you can use to test any module of your project and save time. In this article, arnabroychowdhury tells us about some popular Python frameworks that are available for test automation. Advantages and disadvantages of each framework are explained well in this post.

5. Brief Path of Being a Software Engineer

Nick Shulhin shares his journey of becoming a software engineer. He writes about changing his city and attending meetups in Google offices to polish his development skills. Posts like these are always a great read when written well.

6. Importance of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are user experiences that have the reach of the web and are reliable, fast and engaging. Kevin explains the importance and advantages of PWAs and puts down some convincing arguments for why one should consider having a PWA for one's business.

Tell me in the comments about your favorite posts of last week that went underrated! Thanks for reading! ❤️

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Nick Shulhin

Yahooo! Thanks for mentioning, glad it was helpful!

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Manpreet virk

It's my pleasure Nick😊