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Underrated Articles on Last week

Hey, you guys! How's it going? I'm back with another installment of underrated DEV posts of last week! Let's check them out.

1. Tips for First Time Speaker

In this article, Gokul Kathirvel shares his experience of speaking at the conference for the first time. He also shared how he did preparations for the conference and wrote important tips for readers.

2. Overcome the Imposter Syndrome

In this article, Manuel writes about the way to battle the impostor syndrome and help someone else in the process. He became more confident in his abilities after overcoming imposter syndrome.

3. Mistakes with Web accessibility

Kim writes about top issues with accessibility and also addressed how she can learn from these mistakes. She highlighted three key points that she found the most interesting and applicable to her coding experience.

4. Thoughts on Being a Newbie

One should always strive to become a better developer. Nina shares her positive and negative thoughts about being a beginner. She addresses the paradox of endless possibilities, and talks about how to stop underestimating yourself and narrow the search.

5. Make Peace with Deadlines

Deadlines are there so that everything syncs. Meeting deadlines have everything to do with strategizing your efforts as a team. Hüseyin writes some facts that should be kept in mind while setting the deadline.

6. Using Cyber Security

Nando explains the use of cybersecurity to build a successful business and create happy customers. By having solid cybersecurity, not only customers even staff of the company feels happier because they don't have to spend hours focusing on whether or not a new piece of software is safe.

That's all for this week. These were my personal favorite underrated posts from last week. I hope you liked this post. Tell me about your favorite posts that went underrated in the comments below! ❤️

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