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Accelerating the Speed of B2B Integration B2B

As of October 1st, Software AG has officially announced the availability of B2B as the latest addition to the company’s industry-leading B2B Integration portfolio.

This fully hosted, SaaS-based solution provides trading partner management functionality and usability beyond what EDI power-users and directors of B2B Integration have come to expect.

Brandishing a clear and smartly simplification-driven UI, B2B ensures accomplishing quick, trading partner onboarding not in weeks, or even hours – but within minutes.

Drawing on a standard document store supporting over 14,000 business transactions, the solution’s ease-of-use even allows your EDI specialist to support customers who choose to uniquely customize well-known standards.

Additionally, users can swiftly assign documents via accessible drop-down menus that map to your partner’s required standards, transactions and business document-types (e.g., Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Billing, Advanced Shipping Notices, Proof-of-Delivery, etc.). B2B is seamlessly supported by Integration, enabling flexible enterprise and external partner connectivity through hybrid integration and back-end service orchestration and transaction mapping.

As you become more engaged with B2B, please keep in mind that it also sits as an application in webMethods, industry-leading iPaaS.

There’s a lot to explore here, so we recommend visiting B2B in the Cloud under ‘Insights & Innovation’ on the Software AG website. Here you’ll find a White Paper, eBook, Fact Sheet – and perhaps most importantly, a fully-supported “Try for free” look at the software itself.

Get started with B2B. Download Free Trial.

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