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DevCast Demos launched!

Get to know Software AG’s new webinar series

DevCast Demos is Software AG’s new webinar series focusing on powerful integration and API strategies so your organization can be “innovation-ready.” These webinars provide live, deep-dive software demonstrations to empower webMethods developers and partners with tools, tips and tricks for their projects.

Our first DevCast was devoted to unifying APIs and microservices across hybrid architectures. Some specifics included:

  • Automating DevOps across both cloud and on-premises
  • Reusing utility services across both cloud and on-premises
  • Implementing flexible deployment of custom code (packages) from on-premises to cloud and vice versa

Going forward, DevCast Demos will also focus on SaaS-based products, such as API, B2B and iPaaS.

You’ll find DevCast Demos webinar posted on Software AG’s events page.

If you missed the series opener, “Driving Digital Transformation with a Single, Unified API and Microservices Platform,” watch it now and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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