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Software AG Cloud

Start small, grow at your own pace

On November 27th we launched the unified Software AG Cloud platform, which marked an important milestone in our cloud strategy and journey. Software AG Cloud is an open and independent cloud platform and a one-stop shop for all things Software AG offers as a cloud service.

Our market-leading cloud capabilities are integrated and enable you to connect , scale and grow your digital business at your own pace. And subscribe to desired capabilities when you need them. Software AG Cloud is not just a web portal. Software AG Cloud is our cloud foundation and provides all necessary and common cloud services for our cloud products:

  • One identity management
  • One tenant management
  • One subscription management
  • Cross-product use-cases & connectivity

In addition Software AG Cloud is a true multi-cloud platform that supports partially different infrastructure providers including: Amazon Web Services® (AWS®), Microsoft® Azure® and others. This independence allows you to choose the infrastructure provider which best fits your needs. We offer full support for open standards and, based on our state-of-the-art integration technology, you can add the SaaS and on premises IT systems of your choice.

In the first release the following Software AG Cloud products are available at

  • ALFABET Cloud
  • ARIS Cloud
  • WEBMETHODS Dynamic Apps Cloud
  • WEBMETHODS Integration Cloud

How to get started?

You can try all of them right away. Simply:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the product of your interest from the main navigation
  3. Click the Try for free button

What is next for Software AG Cloud?

The launch of Software AG Cloud marks only the first milestone of our Software AG Cloud journey.

Please let us know your feedback and what more you’d like to see, and thus help us shape the future of Software AG Cloud.

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