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Learn the Basics of Angular 9: Build a Calculator App

Learn the Basics of Angular 9 by building a calculator app step by step.

Angular 9 basic tutorial

Angular 9 Tutorial Learning Outcomes

We'll learn about concepts like Angular modules, components, and directives.

We'll also learn about Angular template syntax which includes interpolation, event binding, and property binding, etc.

For the example that we'll be building, it's a simple calculator application that implements the basic calculus operations.

You'll learn from this tutorial:

  • How to install the latest version of Angular 9 CLI,
  • How to initialize a new Angular 9 project,
  • Understand and work with modules and components,
  • Understand Angular template syntax, particularly event and property bindings,
  • Listen for click events and update the UI when data changes.

Angular 9 Tutorial Steps

These are the steps:

  • Step 1 - Installing Angular CLI 9
  • Step 2 - Initializing our Project
  • Step 3 - Understanding Angular Modules & Components
  • Step 4 - Adding our HTML Template and Styles
  • Step 5 - Understanding Angular Template Syntax
  • Step 6 - Listening for Click Events on the Buttons and Get their Associated Values
  • Step 7 - Displaying the Value of Variables in the Template

Check out the tutorial

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Gustavo Mendoza

I tried to follow the tutorial but I keep getting errors. Like operator can’t be type null. As well as SecondOp is undefined. Update the Tutorial?