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I'm in the process of appearing for some leadership roles and these questions exactly reflect the questions I would want to ask the interviewer who interviews me (probably the CTO). Asking these questions is what differentiates an experienced matured lead from a novice developer. Typically, early in our career and in our hurry to secure our next job we don't ask these questions and make a careful choice before joining a workplace.

These questions would help us conclude whether joining this job would give us the happiness and peace we seek in our workplace and whether we would have natural opportunities to grow in this place, which in my humble opinion is more important than a competitive pay package.


Nice, happy you liked it :)

Although I tend to think that a competitive pay package is a way for a company to say they value and respect you. In this sense, I wouldn't give up on it easily. I wouldn't be able to achieve happiness and peace if I cannot pay my mortgage.

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