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5 Reasons that Make Mern Stack Development Ideal for Web Apps

MERN stack has become the ultimate choice for web app development!
Is it true? Or it's just another claim without proof!
You can't have the answer in a single line as tons of facts and aspects need to be focused upon. Read this blog to find out how MERN stack development is proving an ideal option for web apps.

Before you proceed to the five excellent benefits of MERN services, it is necessary to look at the multiple aspects of the free and open-source MERN technology stack. Let's take a look at each separately.

Why MongoDB as the Database Management System?

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Source: Google Trends (Displaying MongoDB popularity over its competitors)

Choosing a database management system comes with multiple options. So why go for a non-relational database management system like MongoDB! Well, it comes with greater flexibility and lightning speed performance which are uncompromising aspects of web app development.

Outstanding benefits of MongoDB

• A schema-less database allows data to get saved in any pattern the programmer wants to, enhancing flexibility to the developer's team.
• A large amount of data can be stored over the model by distributing it over multiple servers. It prevents the failure of the model.
• Being a document-oriented database model enhances the indexing of the data and tones times faster than the relational model of DBMS.
• Availability of GridFS and replication ensures quick fetching of data and faster operations.
• It offers horizontal scaling, ensuring that the web app does not fail to perform with a growing business.

Limitations of MongoDB
• High memory space is required when using MongoDB.
• Document size cannot exceed 16MB of space.

Top brands using MongoDB: Uber, Lyft, Delivery Hero, etc.

Why go for Express.js?

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Source: Google Trends (Displaying Express.js popularity over its competitors)

Using Express.js facilitates simple developing code on Node.js, which otherwise becomes difficult to achieve. Express.js is also responsible for developing the fundamental structure of the web application.

Outstanding benefits of Express.js

• It facilitates writing neat and clean code over Node.js.
• It offers simple customization and configuration of the app.
• Defining the route becomes convenient for the team.
• It comes with a miscellaneous template engine like Vash, Jade, etc.
• Express.js can get used to creating a REST API server.

Limitations of Express.js
• Not suitable for large-scale projects.
• The event-driven nature of Express.js is sometimes hard to comprehend.

Top brands using Express.js: MySpace, PayPal, Klout, etc.

Why Choose ReactJS?

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Source: Google Trends (Comparison of ReactJS v/s AngularJS)

Before we discuss why ReactJS, I would like to pinpoint the essential fact that ReactJS is the reason behind the MERN stack's birth. The programming world was otherwise running happily with the open-source mern stack web development.

There are multiple reasons for choosing a reactjs development company, but the most prominent one that gives a web app an ultimate edge over others is developing a fast and interactive user interface rendering.

ReactJS is a front-end JavaScript library created by Jordan Walke at Facebook. The fantastic speed performance of the Facebook app based on user interaction is primarily credited to ReactJS.

Outstanding benefits of ReactJS
• ReactJS has a simple learning curve, and an expert in JS can conveniently learn and use it to develop web apps.
• A higher number of features and functionalities can be achieved over the app with lesser lines of code.
• It is compatible with javascript extensions and facilitates the development of machine-readable codes.
• ReactJS comes with virtual DOM, which leads to quick web development. Mainly because in the absence of virtual DOM (document object model), even a minor modification leads to a recalculation of CSS, a complete transformation in the layout.

In contrast, when you have virtual DOM, ReactJS compares the real and virtual DOM differences and makes modifications only for the crucial differences.

Imagine playing with building blocks to make a house. When you want to change the color of doors, it would be convenient to use different blocks for the door (which is the case of virtual DOM) rather than completely demolishing the house and recreating it (which happens in the absence of virtual DOM).

• As per react development Stats, the front-end library is being used by 8787 industry leaders worldwide.
• As per the latest Google Trends, ReactJS is ahead of its competitor AngularJS.
• ReactJS is an SEO-friendly library that helps the developed web app rank well over the search engine.

Limitations of ReactJS

• The technology is updating at such a high speed that developing proper documentation is inconvenient.
• Mainly dedicated to the UI layers of the app only.

Top brands using ReactJS: Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Myntra, etc.

Why Choose Node.js?

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Source: Google Trends (Comparing Node.js with its competitors)

Node.js provides the runtime environment for the developed web app over the V8 engine. The availability of multiple open-source libraries and components along with Express.js in the mern stack makes Node.js an excellent option to go for.

Renowned names like NASA, Uber, eBay, etc. have trusted their website Node.js developments and are running successfully with enhanced speed performance. You can also hire Node.js developers for enhancing the speed performance of your web app.

Outstanding benefits of Node.js

• Node.js is the preferred choice for developing real-time applications with lightning speed performance.
• It invests in a non-blocking event loop mechanism that enhances the scalability of the app.
• It has a gentle learning curve.
• The developed app has a faster response time with Node.js.

Limitations of Node.js
• Not a compatible choice with CPU-intensive tasks.
• Code maintenance gets tricky due to the asynchronous programming model.

Top brands using Node.js: LinkedIn, Yahoo, Trello, Walmart, etc.
Having studied each of the modules separately, you must have gained a clear idea about the benefits of investing in MERN stack development services. However, let us look at the overall outstanding benefits of using the MERN technology stack.

Here's Top 5 Benefits of Mern Stack Development

1. A cost-effective option to go for
All the modules of the MERN stack are open source that means zero charges for using the technology. Additionally, all the modules are based on JavaScript, which allows the investment firm to rely on JavaScript experts only.
It also saves money as investing in multiple experts for different technologies increases the web app's development cost.

2. Project completion in lesser time
The availability of additional frameworks, open-source libraries, and options to reuse codes facilitates quicker completion of the web development project. Code's reusability allows the development team to save time otherwise wasted in repetitive coding.

3. Advance UI rendering with ReactJS
React was developed by Facebook to ensure advanced UI rendering services based on the user's interaction. Being a library allows the developer's team to organize and structure the codes in the desired manner.

4. A common language for client and server-side coding
Developing advanced web apps becomes convenient and straightforward for the team when the server-side and client-side coding gets done using a single language. The necessity of context switching, which arises in mixed languages, also gets eliminated with the MERN stack.

5. High performance of the developed web app
Multiple hefty billion enterprises like Netflix, UBER, etc., are relying on components of MERN stack like Node.js and ReactJS to stay ahead of the competition. Node.js provides a robust run time environment over Chrome's V8 engine to the web app.

The Downside of Using Mern Stack
No technology is complete as there is always scope for improvement. Although a reliable choice for many enterprises, the MERN stack suffers from the following significant loopholes:

• Not a preferable option for developing large-scale web apps.
• It does not come with the scope of automatic detection of common coding errors, which is available over the MEAN stack.

Final Words
That was all about the MERN technology stack in detail. So, if you are looking for a modern web app project that's not too large, you can invest in a mern stack development company.
I hope the blog cleared all your doubts related to MERN stack web app development.

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