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Combined Google reCAPTCHA v2 & v3 in ASP.NET | CAPTCHA .NET Web Forms

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reCAPTCHA is a service that protects your site from spam and abuse. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.

reCAPTCHA v3 helps you detect abusive traffic on your website without user interaction. Instead of showing a CAPTCHA challenge, reCAPTCHA v3 returns a score so you can choose the most appropriate action for your website.

reCAPTCHA v3 scores are between 0–1.

reCAPTCHA v2 (“I’m not a robot” Checkbox) requires the user to click a checkbox indicating the user is not a robot. This will either pass the user immediately (with No CAPTCHA) or challenge them to validate whether or not they are human.

If you are looking a solution to integrate combined Google reCAPTCHA v2 & v3 to your website that is builded with .Net & C#, look at that →

With integrating the module to your ASP.NET web forms (such as login), check if the user is human or bot with combined of Google reCAPTCHA v2 & v3.

The module first verifies requests with reCAPTCHA v3 with a score. If the score is not higher than the pass score, module makes visible reCAPTCHA v2 with the “I’m not a robot” tickbox. If the user is verified with reCAPTCHA v2, score is going to be 1 (highest score) and Required Field Validator return true.

reCAPTCHA v2 & v3 in ASP.NETreCAPTCHA v2 & v3 in ASP.NET

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