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Bingo v0.2.0 - Its Homebrew for "Go Get" - Now With Update and Version Support!


Do you love the simplicity of being able to download & compile golang applications with 'go get', but wish it were easier to manage the compiled binaries?

Introducing Bingo:

Bingo makes installing and managing golang-compiled binaries a bit easier.


  • Keeps a link between the installed binary and the source package
  • Can install binaries to a location of your choice
  • Can control the name of the installed binary
  • Can install multiple versions of the same package (using different names for the binary)
  • Each binary's source package is isolated and managed in its own separate $GOROOT

Release Announcement: v0.2.0


Update Support
You can now update existing binaries

Version Support
You can now specify which version of a package to install or update


Below are some quick usage examples. See the project's homepage for more detailed documentation and installation instructions.

# Install package latest version as "hello"
$ bingo install

# Install specific version
$ bingo install

# Install package with a different binary name
$ bingo install -n foo

# Update a binary to latest version
$ bingo update hello

# Update a binary to specific version
$ bingo update hello@v1.2.3

# List installed binaries
$ bingo installed

# Display a binary's associated package
$ bingo package hello

# Uninstall a binary and associated package folder
$ bingo uninstall foo
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If you're looking for better ways to manage binaries installed via 'go get', I hope you will give my project a try.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for your time,

-TekWizely ( )

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