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Run v0.6.5 - Recent Updates, 300 Stars, Homebrew Support!

Run: Easily manage and invoke small scripts and wrappers

It's been several days since my initial launch on the socials, and I'd like to declare the launch as a success!

Run was very well received, and is currently enjoying over 300 Stars on GitHub

I'd like to share an update on recent changes. You can read about them below.

If you're at all interested in managing task runners and scripts, I hope you will give my project a try.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Homebrew Support

Thanks to Run catching the eye of an official Brew maintainer[1], we were able to get a formula created pretty quickly.

Instructions here:

Passing Options Through to Command Script

Thanks to user Gys[2] reporting on a use-case they were trying to fit, run now passes all arguments through to the command script by default.

Learn more here:

Auto-Detecting #! Scripts

Run now auto-detects the #! line in your command script and adjusts its execution logic accordingly.

Learn more here:

Using a Dash ('-') in Command Names

I was making a Runfile with a list-all command and discovered that I couldn't invoke it, doh!

So I quickly updated the rules for command naming to support the '-' character.

Learn more here:

Fixed : Panic if Last Line Non-Empty

User chabad360[3] discovered almost immediately that Run panicked if the last line of the file was not an empty line.

Thankfully, they took time to submit an issue and the bug was fixed pretty quickly.


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