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Mileage Log Template - To Keep Track and Maximize Business Mileage Deductions

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What is Mileage Log?
A Mileage Log Template is the template which can be created using Excel to track the distances which simplifies for personal and business travel. One can enter the trip related information which includes trip details with odometer readings at the start and end of the trip. It helps in calculating the total miles covered daily, weekly or monthly. It is the great tool for mileage reimbursement. As an individual, it is important to gather the necessary data for determining the mileage deduction on your tax return or completing company form related to mileage reimbursement. An accurate mileage log can make a big difference for the one who spends a considerable amount of time driving the vehicle for business purposes such as ride sharing, delivery drivers, salesperson, real estate agents and other services. A Mileage log template can be used to keep track of expenses in any form, sheet or any online application where one can keep track of vehicle maintenance, gas mileage, transport related expenses.

Why Mileage Log Template Needed?

It is a good practice to keep Auto Maintenance records as one can save the money over the years on your car. As it is a tedious task to keep records of vehicle mileage as during the start of trip one must record the vehicle beginning mileage and at the end of trip one must again record the ending mileage. Also, one must mark down all the other details with the date of the trip covered. Further, one needs to make sure that the entire data recorded needs to assemble it into a report by manually doing the calculations stuff for the data collected in a sheet, document or using any online application. In order to simplify things or to make it automated, we can keep recording the data daily, weekly or monthly driving history in a matter of seconds in a file as a mileage log template or it can be generated easily also for maximum tax deduction purposes.

What are Different Ways to Track Mileage Logs?
One can streamline the task of mileage track by keeping the record of vehicle expenses. There are different ways one can track the data using mileage log template given below:

  1. Manual Logbook: This is one of the traditional and old method where one note down the records as it is quite tedious and challenging task to remember the miles covered. So, one can keep envelopes with different travel dates and destinations written on the front of envelopes. One can put all the receipts in there as a printed spreadsheet format. One can review at the end of each day by writing all the detailed notes of the expenses to track it in an efficient way.
  2. Mileage Log Template: This is the kind of templates made in spreadsheet or excel where one can log every drive covered by their vehicle on their computers or laptops to keep track of every mile covered daily, weekly or on monthly basis. One can save and scan the receipts at the end of the trip and email all the information related to your travel expenses to the employer.

  3. Mileage Tracker Application: This is the application which one can download on their smartphones that is easy to track which automatically calculates the log, miles covered by vehicle and easy to export the sheets on one’s email which is very convenient and easy method. One can also take pictures of receipts, generate log expenses daily which helps in tracking the mileage of the vehicle one is driving.

  4. Mileage Tracker Devices: There are several devices available in the market which one can buy at approximately few hundred dollars for peace of mind and added tax savings which helps in tracking the miles covered by car daily and it can keep record of all the data which helps in maintaining the records in efficient way where one can easily check or track the mileage of vehicle including its total cost daily, weekly or monthly. Moreover, these devices sync up with the personal computers where one can easily generates the reports and can easily prints for reimbursement purposes by connecting to the printers.

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