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Discussion on: Just finished my first app with Electron

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Tyler V. (he/him)

Welcome David!

I really like this as a more interesting implementation of the age old Todo list, especially since my method of tracking this is a Slack room that only I'm in and sift through my own posts all the time to find something I'm looking for.

As far as design goes, I'm not the greatest either, but after tinkering a bit with the colors I think these are some minor changes I would make (based on the patterns I've seen from reading plenty of DEV posts):

1) I'd probably bump the font size of the list up to 1.1 rem to make it a bit easier to read
2) The buttons being different in coloring creates an inconsistency in the design. I would aim to keep the palette the same between the buttons, probably by updating the + to be a dark green(#325442), and updating the Add button to match.
3) I would probably lighten up the title. For simplicity I used snow, but something with a light green hint might be a bit more fitting.

My Example

Overall, I think this is a pretty solid app for starting with Electron. Nice job!

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David Sima Author

Thank you for checking my app 😊
I highly appreciate the feedback and suggestions and I agree with the changes that you made, I actually really like them.
I'm going to update the app sometimes in the future adding more features like a favorites list.

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