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Tero Auralinna

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How to fetch your public photos from Instagram without the API

This is a short demo about how you can fetch your Instagram photos without the usage of Instagram API, which requires a user to authenticate.

This technique is based on the <script> tag found from the Instagram profile page. Script tag has the data, which we will parse by regular expression.

const instagramRegExp = new RegExp(/<script type="text\/javascript">window\._sharedData = (.*)<\/script>/)

The following function will fetch the profile page. It parses the Instagram data to JSON and returns an array of objects holding an image page URL, image source URL, and caption.

const fetchInstagramPhotos = async (accountUrl) => {
  const response = await axios.get(accountUrl)
  const json = JSON.parse([1])
  const edges = json.entry_data.ProfilePage[0].graphql.user.edge_owner_to_timeline_media.edges.splice(0, 8)
  const photos ={ node }) => {
    return {
      url: `${node.shortcode}/`,
      thumbnailUrl: node.thumbnail_src,
      displayUrl: node.display_url,
      caption: node.edge_media_to_caption.edges[0].node.text
  return photos

Calling the function:

try {
  const photos = await fetchInstagramPhotos('')
  // Do something with the photos
} catch (e) {
  console.error('Fetching Instagram photos failed', e)

Note that you need to wrap this into an async function.

Disclaimer: Obviously, this might break anytime if Instagram changes its source code and works only for the public profile.

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Josef Biehler

Thanks for this. Unfortunatelly you can not load all posts. But nice idea though!

adncodez profile image
Adnan HT

Hey is there an easy route to tweak this an make it load more posts until you get the whole feed? Thanks in advance 😊