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Discussion on: Why svelte is revolutionary

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Takashi Futada

I think the big advantage of ReactJS is Hook, which allows us to use third party libraries like Adobe Spectrum with no hassle.

If it's a small app that can be build with one person, in that case svelte could work. but if you need a lot of functions that cannot be developed from scratch, React hook libs from many third parties help a lot.

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Himujjal Upadhyaya

That's the whole point of using Svelte. Most of the React's bandages or hooks or component life-cycles were required because React in its core design wasn't actually able to do things efficiently.

In Svelte you don't do that because you don't NEED to!

Talking about the above library. Yes. Svelte has a growing eco-system compared to React's matured one. But I don't see hooks as a good thing. They complicate things and make the code a mess.