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Preparing USB for Linux

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Great Guyz, thanks for pushing me this far with your reactions, views and some comments although more comments would be more helpful. Anyhow lets get ready for Linux. The Flavor I will be using is known as Manjaro GNOME, which is quite much trending on Distrowatch, you should visit the site it has great community and reviews for linux OS releases.

Lets download the ISO file and we will be repeating the process from Windows USB Guide by using Rufus.

Normal Edition

Those who have NVIDIA Cards

You should have the files like this, it does have the previous window file as well.

Now open Rufus and click on select and select pop-os_xx.iso that you have downloaded. Then Click on Start.

Also if you want details on whats going on during the build process, click the info window button in lower left corner.

You have a Linux Installation USB ready to go, Lets get ready to Rumble once again!!!!

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