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Cohort 4 Recap

Collab Lab’s 4th cohort wrapped up today. They’re awesome and you should hire them! Well, if you can. Some of them already have jobs! 🙂

This cohort consisted of Haley Elder, Jaela Wesley, Matthew Hughes, and Rachael Bouissey. The mentors were Michael Sholty, Radhika Morabia, and Stacie Taylor-Cima.

TCL-4 on our weekly sync call

Each time I get on our last call with a cohort, I can’t believe that it’s gone so fast. Cohort 4 felt like it was done in the blink of an eye!

This group came in with some strong development chops and it showed. The mentors commented that this group was able to act more independently than they expected because they were comfortable with the technologies being used out of the gate.

This freed us to focus in on learning how a software team works as well as allowed the participants to get creative with how they satisfied the requirements of the project.

As with every group we’ve welcome through, the group learned a ton about working as a team remotely as they went. By the end, they’d fully bought in to the need to be “noisy” in the team channel about status, both progress and blockers.

So, yes, you should hire them! But know that a couple of them are already working as developers, so if you want ’em, you better swoop in fast! 🙂

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