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Cohort 6 Recap

Collab Lab’s 6th cohort wrapped up last week! What an incredible group of people—you should hire them if you’re looking to add some amazing to your team.

All of the goodness they created was a salve to the troubling times we’ve witnessed over the last few months. We are proud of this group for knocking it out of the park given everything that’s been happening.

This group consisted of the lovely Elise Spain, Sara Krum, Myles Azehko, and Scott Bergler. They truly nailed the collab part of what we do. The mentors this time around were Jayson Phillips and Steve Gardner. Lauren Beatty stepped in with a few weeks to go to lead the cohort.

Each week our colabbies impressed us mentors with their eagerness, persistence, and ability to tackle any challenge as a team. Some of the things that stood out:

  • Communication was stellar the whole way through.
  • Lots of questions in Slack meant they quickly got unblocked.
  • PRs had thorough context and comments that lead to great solutions.
  • Often times the mentors would come in to Slack and see a problem start a thread. By the end, it was resolved when everyone jumped on a Zoom call to put their heads together.

The end result is one of the most adorable apps you’ll see.

Our 8 weeks flew by in a blink. These are the kinds of people you want to work with every day. All of their contact info is on our About page. You should hire them!

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