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Joey Laguna for The Collab Lab

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Team 11 Recap

The Collab Lab’s 11th cohort (TCL-11) wrapped up a few weeks ago! This cohort brought with it four amazing members with a very strong technical skill set and amazing collaboration skills. All the members of this cohort would make an excellent addition to a development team (some of them already do), and if you are hiring you should 100% reach out to them!

This cohort consisted of Brandon Lee, Kathy Lambert, Stefanie Davis, and Volha Hancharova. The mentors were Jennifer Batara, Joey Laguna and LaQuita Gollman.

The cohort hit the ground running, and even from the first week there were architectural decisions being made that would help the development process in the weeks to come.

TCL-11's Shopping List App

Collab Lab really focuses on gaining and improving collaboration and working in a development team, and this cohort knocked it out of the park. Aside from their weekly pairing sessions, code reviews and pull requests were a joy to see from the cohort. The right amount of detail went into each pull request so you knew exactly what you were looking at. They even included testing instructions!

To wrap up, I would like to say that it would be an absolute joy to work with any of these amazing folks on a development team. Check out our Who We Are page to get in contact with them!

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