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Build a WhatsApp clone with Meteor and Ionic — Meteor Platform version

This article was published on Friday, October 16, 2015 by Uri Goldshtein @ The Guild Blog

For the newer, Angular 2 version post, click here

Now that Angular is a first class citizen in Meteor, you can use all of its vast libraries, giving you full access to the Angular ecosystem.

Also, Ionic recently added official support for Meteor's packaging system, and now their package is available on Atmosphere.

In this tutorial, we will build a WhatsApp clone using Meteor, Angular, and the Ionic Framework for CSS and mobile components. I've also released a clone of this tutorial on the Ionic Blog that uses the Ionic CLI instead of the Meteor build system.

It's a good resource for people who want to use Meteor for their backend and Meteor's client side libraries in a separate front end application, also a good migration strategy.

If you are using Blaze, you can still use Ionic's CSS libraries or the Meteoric package.


  • Installing the platform and creating a base app
  • WhatsApp views with static data
  • Create the server and share data with the client
  • Chat view and send messages
  • Users and (SMS) authentication
  • Create and remove chats
  • Privacy and publish/subscribe
  • Step 8 — User profile picture
  • Send image messages

Start here.

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