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Schema Change Notifications in GraphQL Inspector

This article was published on Monday, May 4, 2020 by Kamil Kisiela @ The Guild Blog

The new version of GraphQL Inspector comes with schema change notifications. We had it in plans
for almost a year now and we're very
excited to finally roll it out!

We recently released a lot more interesting features. You can read about them in
"New GraphQL Inspector and upcoming features" article.

Schema Change Notifications

If you wish to stay up to date with changes happening in your GraphQL API the Notifications are
perfect for you.

We know how hard it is to track and keep up with the development of a GraphQL Schema. Following
every merged Pull Request or every pushed commit is impossible at scale. You don't want to analyze
the code in order to find and understand changes in your GraphQL API.

We decided to automate and reverse this process so every new change will come to you, not the
other way around.

GraphQL Inspector tracks every Push in your Git repository and depending on a branch, sends you a
message on Slack or Discord (or custom Webhook) with a list of changes introduced to a GraphQL

Changes are grouped by their criticality level: Breaking, Dangerous and Safe.

Schema Change Notifications feature works well with any setup,
even with multiple environments. You're
able to track changes in all variants of your GraphQL API, on production, staging and other

Notifications on Slack

To start receiving notifications on Slack you simply provide a url to Slack's Webhook.

  slack: webhook-url-here
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That's it.

Notifications on Slack

Notifications on Discord

The configuration process is exactly the same as with Slack. Provide a url to a webhook created in
your Discord workspace.

  discord: webhook-url-here
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Notifications on Discord


GraphQL Inspector should not limit you but help and that's why we decided to support not only Slack
and Discord but rather something more universal, like Webhooks.

  webhook: webhook-url-here
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You can setup an HTTP endpoint, like serverless function and receive an event, every time there's a
change in GraphQL Schema.

Future Plans

We're working on Azure and Bitbucket integrations plus a monitoring feature. Talk to us
to try it out.

We want to make Azure and Bitbucket a first-class citizens in GraphQL Inspector and give you
the same experience as you get right now with GitHub.

Monitoring will enable you to analyze the traffic of your GraphQL APIs and provide details
needed to improve performance. Collecting information about the usage will let you safely remove
deprecated pieces of GraphQL Schema.

If you're interested, please reach out to us!

Enjoy GraphQL Inspector!

We have big plans for Inspector, and you're very welcome to join us in that journey.

GraphQL Inspector is a tool created by developers, for developers and that's why we'd love to get
your feedback and shape GraphQL Inspector together!

Oh… and it's Open-Sourced!

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