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Ibrahim Shahid Memon
Ibrahim Shahid Memon

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CSS is not a skill to learn! and Syntax is not designing

CSS is not a thing to learn, it's the collection of some concepts you have to consider as a guide and follow blindly.

Why So Many People used to say, CSS is hard?
Because they are considering it as a language, not concepts. For some people, it's like a path to cross between HTML and JS. They are not at all interested in Design because they think that they don't have to handle complex CSS in Javascript. So Listen,
if you're not interested in CSS then don't list it in your skillset and portfolio. The Mastery of CSS is a huge thing and some of the beginners are listing that their CSS skills are 90% to 100% but they are talking about the Syntax, not CSS.

Another side is when a newbie of CSS, tries to design Websites but the mind is not generating the design and Inspiration(Oh My God!). it's good but limited. CSS for those people who want to create designs to inspire other people. All the syntax and Framework Guide in front of them. But they are still following the nav => header => sections => aside => footer traditional designs.

maybe they just learned how to put a border, but they didn't learn where to put it? so it comes with lots of websites surfing and observing the behavior. The syntax is not everything. if you are only the master of syntax, please don't list CSS in your skillset. it hurts All of us(Ui Designer).

If you are a programmer, then focus on programming, just learn syntax. but don't say that you can design websites.

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Michel Renaud

The problem is that the programmers are often tasked with doing "everything" (let's use the term "full stack"). In my experience, most people suck at design so you get what you pay for.

I know little CSS and I'm amazed at what it can do nowadays. But learning it properly (CSS and how to best use it) is a full-time job from what I've seen.

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This sounds more like a rant than an advice.

If people starting in the world of web development listing their CSS skills at 90% is hurting you as a UI Designer, it's your job to differentiate yourself from them, not their's to not list their skill at the level they might appreciate.

Starting out is hard, we should help with positive criticism, you are ranting about what they shouldn't do (in your view) but you're not offering advice about what they can do to improve.

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Im sorry but I think you completely misunderstand the difference between CSS and design. You don't need to know anything about CSS to design a website, but in order to translate a design into a working website you need to know how to utilise CSS to develop that design into a functional website.

I work with several Website Designers and they couldn't write a line of CSS, but create incredible Website Designs, and I can translate those designs into fully responsive websites.

A web designer shouldn't list CSS as a skill, unless they are also a developer, CSS as a skill is about writing the syntax.

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That's a bit harsh :)

I think the problem is that CSS has expanded so much in the past decade, new features, hacks and innovations are added on a nearly daily basis; I still think you can claim to know 90% of it even if you aren't visually "talented"

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Isaiah Nixon

I think it's unfair to blame people for saying they know CSS even if they aren't (in your opinion) designers. A lot of dev jobs are still "full stack" and want you to know a little of everything. Also, CSS is still it's own language by definition.

"Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML." - Wikipedia

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This article πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 100% accurate but hard to swallow pill...

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Ibrahim Shahid Memon


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Ben Sinclair

I don't think many programmers say they design websites. They usually say they develop them, i.e. they take a design and realise it on the page. The two are quite different things.

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Nick Trierweiler

Design and develop may not be interchangeable in our minds as designers/programmers, but to clients, recruiters, and managers the difference is unclear.