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Ibrahim Shahid Memon
Ibrahim Shahid Memon

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Avoid these mistakes and you will be sucessfull in your web development career

In the past I was learning web designing but I was not not practice enough.I was thinking that I don,t need practice.6 month ago I got a project but I was not comfort with debugging cause I don,t done practice but I learning again started w3schools and I started revicing HTML and CSS.After that I was getting better in coding and debugging.

Some of the mistakes that most begmears done

Learning CSS framework with out knowing the basic

Some people saves their time to learn CSS framework and start using framework but when a problem cause to then the stuck.They were exactly washy their time with framework,without learning the most basic things.As I say first learn basics and their choose any framework

Using facebook for online presence.

This is my mistake,that wasted my most time,I started to build online presence using (WTD),and all of people were like there "How to hack wifi"and "Make websites for free".I know it's good for marketing but not good for making your online presence.I was understanding Twitter but I realize that All of the web industry in an Twitter. So I started using Twitter: .

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