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4 /100DaysOfFlutter : Dart: Enumerations, Classes and Objects

Dart List: List<String> skills = ['Swiming', 'running', 'Karate']

This line wiil be spoken as List of String named skills has values Swiming running Karate; you can also use your own way of reading and pro-nounching it.

List can also be called as array.

a List can contain only one data type of element.
for mutliple type of element we can use something called as Objects in the list.

Classes: Classes give us ability to make own type of data, a sort of template, protocol, rule for some Objects/ Variables.

class Insan extends LivingThings {
  String name;
  int age;
  Insan(, this.age);
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Now I can use this data types to make own variables with this data types.

  Insan Abhay = new Insan("Abhay", 19);
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as before Insan is the type of variable, Abhay is the variable name 🆕 key word is for before it is new Variables made which has combination of data types/ mostly new key used when for a single variables we use mutilple dataytypes. Like, here we are using String and int at the same time passing the parameter's in the Class

Objects: Objects gives ability to make the variables the classes we make,

in reality anything that takes place, area, memory is a Objects as the Variable named Abhay which is created above is going to take place in the memory then it is an Object, Object have type can your own type also, Like Insan

  Insan Abhay = new Insan("Abhay", 19);
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Object are also known as Instances; you can check by your self just print the Variable name

//Instance of 'Insan'
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Making classes helps us to make better Objects; classes are created outside of the Function

Check The code here with example press . and open the in the browser and start practicing.

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Ok Bye.

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