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Discussion on: Why is Linux Not More Popular on the Desktop?

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Anthony Bouvier

Because Desktop Linux experience is terrible.

Every couple years I try to go back to a Desktop Linux experience. My dev machine for the longest time was Linux with fluxbox/blackbox as the wm. It was fine for me when I wanted to tinker more and didn't mind the hoops to get things working.

But nowadays? I tried to give my daughter an Ubuntu powered laptop. But then I had to keep getting it from her to configure this thing or that thing or whatever. Wouldn't play videos on some sites. Couldn't run Spotify. Speakers only played mono. Printing was a pain. Wifi was spotty.

My younger self would have tackled it. But now? Ain't nobody got time for that when your kiddo is trying to do homework and just not worry about drivers, config files, etc.

I use Macs with OSX cause I never have to think about that stuff and be interrupted, plus I can run whatever OSS I want (either as a container or via homebrew or whatever).

Linux for servers though? Nothing better imho. But Desktop Linux just still isn't there and likely never will be.

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Jonathan Boudreau Author • Edited

Its unfortunate that you've had such a terrible experience; seems like a bad audio driver might've been the cause of all your issues. When I disable pulseaudio to do some music recording I can't play youtube videos, much like you describe.

If you ever decide to give Ubuntu another spin, I recommend purchasing your hardware with Linux in mind. Its a bit of a pain when compared to Windows, but when it comes to OSX you have to do the same thing.

ps. I haven't tried it, but there is a database of Ubuntu being tested against different hardware:

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Anthony Bouvier

I could see doing it for myself some day, but never again for anyone else.

Linux on the Desktop is the realm of power users in my humble opinion.

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Sergey Spitsyn🐧🖥️

I use Linux on desktop more than 10 years. When I started use Linux, I felt what catched all troubles. But, step by step, then I get experience I know how to solve many troubles. For solving trouble I should get knowledge how it work, and then I catch similar trouble I know how to fix it.

Today I use Arch Linux it's helps me to avoid more troubles what I had in Ubuntu.

PS: sorry for my english

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Anthony Bouvier

I'm glad you enjoy the experience.

I think it is fine for developers.

Desktop Linux definitely, for the most part, is not ready for the average user. Or even the average power user.

At the end of the day I don't want to have to constantly solve problems on my workstation just to get to the work I have to solve for ... well, actual work.

I used to find fighting those desktop linux challenges fun (ooh, I'm going to recompile the kernel myself to get this driver for my sound card to work!), but now I'm too apathetic to want to do it. I got bigger fish to fry and now just find those things annoying.