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5 Best VS Code Extensions As a Web Dev

Today I will show my personal favourite and best Visual Studio code extensions as a web dev.

1. Live Server

by Ritwick Dey

This is the VS Code extension I use the most. It can open a HTML file in the browser and it automatically reloads. But what's the best, that it creates a server, so you can do PHP, import libraries in JavaScript and more.

2. Prettier

by Prettier

Prettier is just a code formatter for JavaScript, TypeScript, Flow, JSX, JSON, CSS, SCSS, Less HTML, Vue, Angular, GraphQL, Markdown and YAML.

3. Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

by CoenraadS

This extension colorizes every bracket pair (as the name says).

4. Live Sass Compiler

Live Sass Compiler compiles/transpiles your SASS/SCSS to CSS with live browser reload.

by Ritwick Dey

5. Auto Rename Tag

It renames a pair of tags with multicursor.

by Jun Han

These were my personal 5 best Visual Studio Code Extensions. And sorry for the bad writing skills, but this is my first post! :P

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