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My advice to junior developers

Yan Cui on October 21, 2019

A client emailed me a while back and asked what advice I’d give to someone just starting out on their career. As I began to write my reply, I real... [Read Full]
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Don’t work for horrible bosses is probably the best advice in this article. I can tell you that even for experienced developers, horrible bosses are horrible to work for. Problem is that sometimes they are hard to spot (being all nice and shiny in the interview process and only a month into the job you realize your boss someone you wouldn't hire.


@Yan thank you for the article and tips. Being basically a beginner at coding, this insight will help me along the way.


Awesome post! Nice read, and by the way, love your speaches too!


Great post! Thank you for help me with you sharing your knowledge Yan!


You're welcome, and thank you for the compliment :-)


A great read! Investing is definitely something I need to put more focus on to yield the benefits of compound interest that you mentioned!


Brilliant post. I think Senior devs can benefit from this post as well. I’d highly recommend.


Thank you for this!
I'll surely keep this in mind 😄

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