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Migrating Firebase RTDB to Belgium : 4 Steps Guide

Did you know that jobboard is custom-made and built over Firebase ?
The clear benefit of it was a reactive application, easy to build with a small team. And this since 2016.
The downside is that the users data would be located in the US. So when Firebase released a new location in europe we jumped in this train even if it was beta.

Changing a firebase project location is not that easy as you think. First of all because you can't upload a backup of more than 256mb. And our backup is 1Gb.

Also, you have to depreciate the former location and move all of your services to the new location in the same migration. This mean you will have to be down (or at least read-only for a consecutive time frame).

We also use 250 Firebase Cloud Functions and you have to deploy them against the new location also.

Well, this quick and easy to read article is your guide if you want to move your Firebase location to Europe and you may want to bookmark it.

If you have any question please ask them on this post. We love the community and would be very happy provide insight or answer questions.

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