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Flatiron School Final Project: My Portfolio Website

For my final project at Flatiron School I choose to create my very own portfolio website to add to my resume as I enter the Software Engineering job market. As I reflect over the journey I have had at Flatiron, I am excited to showcase the languages and frameworks that this experience has brought me:

Language/Frameworks I learned
* Ruby / Rails
* Sinatra
* SQLite
* JavaScript
* React.js
* Readux.js 
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The requirements for this final project is to use a Rails API backend and a React & Redux frontend. I started my project by establishing goals, creating my user stories, and organizing my models. I like to create tables in GoogleDoc so that I can refer back to my steps without using space on my computer.

Project Prep

Rails Setup

In the same GoogleDoc I like to organize some code before I launch my VS code. I am very analytical and huge notetaker, so this helps me gather my thoughts and prevents errors in the set up process.

Project Start

Frontend Setup

In prepping for my project, the instructor led videos we have access to in Flatiron Learn Instruct has help me with some things that may not have stuck with me. I like to jot down some notes in the set-up stage so that in the event I have to start over, I already have a foundation.

Frontend Setup

Using React & Redux

After taking a few notes and establishing my backend I was able to jump right into React by using create-react-app. I found it interesting that React was created by Facebook developers and some of the features include:

  • A virtual DOM
  • Declarative writing
  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • Built in ESLint functionality
  • the create-react-app mentioned above

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