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Cristian Paul Castañeda
Cristian Paul Castañeda

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New beginning


Yes, still a beginner

This is my second blog from my post Beginners Life

And yea, that is connected to it... And I'm going back again as a beginner.

I quit my first job as an IT Support at a Private School where I can't handle my own time, I used to work on the things that don't relate to my job. I also work as a Custodian, I support the Multimedia Students to borrow things they need. Every day I tried to survive to the work I've been through, I'm happy, and I socialize to the students to the point that I want to learn photography and edit photos & videos. Still, being dedicated to a dream that I need, I realize programming is the career I want to pursue.

Going back to my post and totally decided to work on my skills first as a Developer. I think this is a good investment for me to start again to continue what I started.

And btw, one channel helped me from self-improvement is to listen from Matt D'Avella. I just want to share it with you.

Before I close this blog, I want some advice from you guys. I appreciate your time and attention from this post. Hoping to give it back soon to contribute what I can in our community.

✌ to us!

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